The NGO association “Hope For Football” was created to develop multiple projects in a favor of Lithuanian children in Kaunas. Football is helping to forget problems for young people.
The main idea is to create a center with a Football School integrated with foreign languages as Italian, English ect.

All projects are leaded on together with an international volunteers.

This is the big challenge! Try to help children in finding a new light in their life through the football game.

The organisation also wants to help Italian and Lithuanian firms creating new collaborations between them, having his head office in Italy and an operational center to be created in Lithuania.

Now Hope For Football do football training’s every Saturday in KTU sport hall for children from  Kaunas day care center.

Erasmus volunteer students are also visiting Panemunės orphan house, Vilijampolės orphan house, Palemono, Kaunas town day care centers. We cook pizza together or create other fun activities.

Our mission is to make strong friendship between different children and volunteers from all the world!

Our plans are to participate in the international football tournaments in Europe, also to organise a summer camp in Italy for teenagers.




NGO Hope for Football is created in two countries: Italy and Lithuania. Our mission is to develop international partnership, to unite people from all Europe, also Italy and Lithuania.

Lithuania – China

We use the power of football to give hope of victory. To win in the sport is to win in the life. Football is a team sport that teaches the principles of solidarity, discipline, perseverance and team communication. This sport promotes and brings together a team to achieve a common result – a victory which may contribute to feel important and to be assessed.

Trainer: Pekcan
Trainer: Pekcan


Our vision is a team like a family where everyone is important!