To win in sport to win in the life

Our mission is one comunity were everybody feels safe and happy. The goal of the public institution “Hope For Football” is to help Lithuanian youth to grow and adapt in a changing and cosmopolitan world. We strive to develop healthy living habits through sport and religious ideals. Our team unites cultures of two countries. Italian and Lithuanian. The founder of the organization, Stefano Piciulin, believes that football sports can teach you how to work as a team and become a community that cares, supports and helps you find the right path for children without parental support.

Activities started in 2013 in Kaunas. Hope For Football volunteers visited orphanages and day care centers. Organized football training, Italian language classes. Organized pizza baking holidays. During this period, around 100 children and volunteers, mainly Erasmus students from around the world, participated in the activities. The children had the opportunity to communicate in English. We are grateful to all our volunteers.

In 2018 the first summer camp in Auronzo, Italy. Nine children from Lithuania lived for 10 days in the Dolomites, playing with Italian children and camping together. Our campers were visited by Lithuanian cycling champion Diana Žiliūtė. The children attended a meeting with the Lithuanian Football Federation and its President Tom Danilevicius.

Summer 2019 Second camp and living in Italian families. Ten children from Lithuania spent a week in Italian families, traveling and having fun together. Later, with the children of the Italian parish of Seville, they went camping in Auronzo, in the Dolomite Mountains. The kids went on to meet the Lazio football team who train every year in the Dolomite Mountains.

In 2020 our third summer camp in Lithuania. In our plans, the public institution “Hope For Football” activity center in Lithuania. The aim of the center is after-school activities for children, football training, language classes. Provision of all assistance.


Our team

Stefano Piciulin
Kristina Šaltytė
Project manager
Javier Carrascosa Sanz-Agero
Rapolas Žeimys

Our centers and comunities

Kaunas municipal child care home

 Birutės g. 29, Kaunas 45322, Lithuania

Tel.: (8-37) 745530

Read more about Kaunas municipal child care home

Vilijampoles social care home
Apuolės g. 44, LT-48302 Kaunas, Lithuania
Tel.: (8 37) 361671

Read more about Vilijampoles social care home 

Palemono day care center

Marių g. 20b

LT-52247, Kaunas


We invite you to join our volunteer team!

Hope For Football is a volunteer-supported, nonprofit organization

Become our volunteer:

  • if you are active, optimistic, organised and responsible
  • if you  like football and children
  • if you want to teach languages, dances, music, art ect…
  • if you like to meet new people from all over the world

Do you need expierience for your future studies or job?

Join us and you can recieve great expierience in social, sport, media marketing, teaching, journalism, photography and you’ll definetly make many friends.

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