Who we are

The ball is an object that, due to its characteristics of ease of use, given by its spherical shape, has been used for play and exercise since the times of ancient Greece. Nowadays the ball is used in various sports, including football.
Football has always had the power to unite and break down ethnic and racial barriers, and, at the same time, to identify an entire nation. It is an “instrument” of equality that turns into a popular phenomenon reaching many people through its media coverage, arousing emotions that make the match a party in which everyone is invited to participate.

The activity started 2013 in Kaunas. Volunteers of Hope For Football visited children’s care homes and day care centers. Organized football trainings, Italian language lessons. Organized pizza baking festivals. During this period, about 100 children and volunteers took part, mostly Erasmus students from around the world. The children had the opportunity to communicate in English and Italian.

We are very grateful to all our volunteers.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help children living in orphanages and those who are experiencing health or family difficulties.
Football, which is one of the most powerful “mass” sports in many European countries, is an ideal tool for preventing wrong lifestyle, forming healthy habits and training teamwork.
Italy and Lithuania are Catholic countries, although we are open to all cultures and religions of the world, our way of life and values ​​are based on Catholic upbringing.